Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help?

Help is available from the Help menu and describes all important topics.

Connect via Twitter DM, Facebook or Google+ for any other questions.

What is the difference between concept mapping and mind mapping?

Mind maps are generally restricted to one central topic. From here branches of subtopics grow to create a purely hierarchical model of thought.

Concept maps model relations between sometimes disparate topics. No specific form or workflow is enforced, encouraging the creation and discovery of new structures.

What is the difference between concept mapping and general diagrams?

Concept maps are diagrams, but with a focus on establishing concepts and relations easily. You do not have to deal with typical diagramming tasks such as shape selection, sizing, routing connections, text layout etc. Instead a few clicks suffice to quickly build and manipulate a map of your thoughts, without distractions.

In addition Conceptorium maintains a model of your concepts. This allows you to use a concept on multiple maps, and it will refer to one and the same thing even if it plays different roles. The Browser shows concepts and relations only once regardless of their visual arrangement.

I have a new empty document, what now?

Double-click in the empty map area and type a word. That is your first concept.

Drag an arrow from the handle at the right edge of the concept to an empty spot, and type words for a relation and another concept. Now there are two related concepts.

For a quick playground to start with, open the Overview map from the Help menu.

Can I import from other applications?

OPML is a popular export format that can be opened directly in Conceptorium. Your feedback will help decide what other forms of import might be useful to include in future updates.

Can I export to other applications?

You can export concept maps in other formats: bitmap images, SVG, OPML, basic GraphML or with extensions for yEd, or PDF (via Print).

I would like to have feature X

Your purchase of Conceptorium helps continued development. Use the Support links to connect and submit feature requests.